Knud Kristensen (DK) - oval vase shape with finely incised decorations

Knud Kristensen (DK), oval vase shape with receding base...
Architectural ceramics

€ 795

Detlef Kunen (DE) - cylindrical vase with structured body with cream engobe

Detlef Kunen (DE), cylindrical vase, thrown on the wheel...
Studio Pottery

€ 195

Gilbert Portanier (FR) - flattened bottle vase with fancy decoration

Gilbert Portanier (FR), flattened bottle vase,...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 595

Colin Pearson (UK) - fine black bronze bowl on foot with three horizontal wings

Colin Pearson (UK), fine small bowl on foot with three...
Sculptural ceramics

€ 1095

Hein Severijns (NL) - crystal glazed pot with overhanging lid

Hein Severijns (NL), pot with overhanging lid, turned on...
Studio Pottery

€ 225

Giovanni Cimatti (IT) - crystal-shaped versatile object with surprising decor

Giovanni Cimatti (IT); 'Bit', crystalline multi-faceted...
Architectural ceramics

€ 495, now € 245

Johnny Rolf (NL) - rectangular vase shape with two openings

Johnny Rolf (NL), rectangular vase shape, constructed...
Architectural ceramics

€ 295

Lies Cosijn (NL) - double figure "Ingetogen-opgetogen"

Lies Cosijn (NL), double figure (the short part can be...
Sculptural ceramics

Tjok Dessauvage (BE) - large closed potsculpture with hole and envelope

Tjok Dessauvage (BE), large potsculpture, formed in a...
Architectural ceramics

€ 1275

Wim Borst (NL) - two-part geometric object with cat silhouette

Wim Borst (NL), two-part geometric object with the...
Architectural ceramics

€ 975