Prestige Collection XI - Bob Forman, container zonder titel

Robert L. Forman (Bob) is born in Los Angeles, California (USA) in 1948.  He studied at the University of Puget Sound, Washington State and at the Cranbrook Academy of Art (he received his masters in 1977), Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (USA). Also taught at Rhode Island School of Design. He began as a successful professional potter producing useful objects. In 1974 he went to see Bernard Leach in England. He was inspired by Leach and he wanted to define the classical ceramic forms anew. From then on he gave his objects a dramatic sculptural power. He fires at low temperatures, burnishes his slips and paints the fired clay. His method is partly inspired by the ceramics of American Indians. He has had exhibitions in Europe and America, including the "Young Americans 78" show at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in NYC.

The very rare vessel offered here has a burnished layer of clay in a single colour dark brown with a soft sheen, the inside and base are painted a matt black. Robert L. Forman took part in the travelling exhibition: Who's Afraid of American Pottery?, in Het Kruithuis, Den Bosch (NL), Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussels (BE) and Stedelijk Museum Museum Gouda (NL), 1983. Earlier he was a artist in residence in the Keramisch Werkcentrum Heusden (NL). There are three known untitled vessels. One is in the collection of Dienst Beeldende Kunst, Den Bosch, one in the collection of the late Benno Premsela, and the third one is offered here. The vessels are depicted in the catalogue of above-mentioned exhibition. 

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zie de foto
hoogte 17,5 cm; diameter 20,2 cm
kleine huidbeschadiging, geretoucheerd
collectie Mr. J. Mulder, Middelburg
Verenigde Staten