Wornell, Gary

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Gary Wornell is born in Canada on April 20, 1952. He visits the Staffordshire University of Art and Design, Multi-disciplinary between 1973 and 1976. He was awarded a New Craftsman’s Grant from the British Crafts Council. In 1995 he moved to Finland where he established a ceramic studio and gradually moved into graphic design, digital art, print making, photography and video. Gary has been the recipient of numerous international awards in both craft, fine art and photography. These include the Japanese Inax Design Prize and The Finnish Arts Council Prize 2010. In recent years he has worked as design consultant on a bilateral environmental monitoring project – SEAM-Nepal – between Finland and Nepal and currently divides his time between the two countries.

Visit the website of the artist: www.garywornell.com

Pictures: Gary Wornell, portrait (source website artist); Gary in 2013, photographer Pekka Salminen (source website artist); three various ceramic objects by the artist (source website artist).