Serra, Joan

First name: 
Country of birth: 
The Netherlands

Joan Serra is born in Catalunya, Spain.

Pictures: portrait with from left to right Bente Hansen, Annette Sloth and Joan Serra (sourcePuls Gallery Brussels); work around 2013 (source Pulls Gallery Brussels); exhibition view (source


Work of the artist: 

"I do not model pieces, I work to create the conditions needed for the shapes to appear". Abstract compositions of cracked and melted clay are a powerful sequence of visual almost geologic events. He breaks, deforms, alters, and over-fires; cracking and melting his clay into a form of miniaturized Land Art. Serra’s is the chaos of fire taken to its limits; a witness to the violence of earth that confirms yet glorifies our minuscule human scale. Some pieces take cracking and melting to an irreversible stage, an Armageddon of clay. They collapse, fall over, disintegrate or simply melt, creating an aura of mystery surrounding the volatile destinies of Nature. Everything has a beginning and an end; his ceramic pieces reflect that reality with pure clarity. Joan Serra has won many awards with his work but more importantly he is stimulating new horizons for ceramic art (Puls Gallery, Brussels, 2013).