Scheid, Ursula

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Ursula Scheid - Duntze is born on October, 29, 1932 in Freiburg/Breisgau. She trained at the 'Werkkunstschule' in Darmstad, Germany with teachers Friedrich Schröder and Margarete Schott. She married to Karl Scheid, who had been apprenticed to Harry Davis in Cornwall. They shared a studio at Dudelsheim, Germany. Ursula Scheid's work reflects the German design aesthetic. Her pot forms are perfectly made and possess a natural grace and harmony. She works in both stoneware and porcelain decorating with slips and transparent glazes. She is a member of "The London Group", a group of six German potters who first exhibited at Henry Rothschild's gallery, Primavera in the late 1960s. Ursula passed away in Frankfurt/Main July 4, 2008.

Pictures: Portrait, around (from 'Keramische Kontrasten'); Ursula Scheid, Portrait um 1993 (In European Ceramics, Höhr Grenzhausen, 1993); Portrait (photography by Jörg Jatho); brown bowl (collection Capriolus sold); bowl with stripes (collection Capriolus sold); large blue bowl (source: 

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Ursula Scheid produces high quality pot forms both in porcelain and stoneware. They possess a natural grace and harmony, and have been perfectly made. Her favcorite forms are bowls and lidded boxes. The slightly curved walls of her thrown bowls rise up so slenderly that they seem to be floating over the bottom. Ursula Scheid possesses an extraordinary sense of colour and decoration. She often applies interweaving bands around her forms, consisting of slips in beautiful, warm shades. These are often covered by a transparant layer of glaze (text Galerie Amphora, Oosterbeek, NL).

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