Petersen, Gerd Hiort

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Gerd Hiort Petersen is born on Bornholm in 1937. Many ambiguous tracks have set their mark through a long life with ceramics from the first studio pottery training on the island, continuing education at the Arts & Crafts / Design School in Copenhagen, and a work period of design and art at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory and numerous travels around the world to Japan, South America, Korea, China, Europe and returning to Bornholm as a homely idyllic base for studio and living. Since 1973, Gerd Hiort Petersen has had her ceramic studio on the island with her husband and colleague Hans Munk Andersen. They have exhibited, travelled and worked in Denmark and abroad. She is member of International Academie de la Ceramique, IAC.

Pictures: Gerd Hiort Petersen, portrait around 1993 (In: European Ceramics, Höhr Grenzhausen, 1993); Portrait (source Arts and Crafts Association); Gerd Hiort Petersen and her husband Hans Munk Andersen (source Kristeligt Dagblad); bowl, incised decoration, porcelain (source Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery); church piece (source Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery); signature (source jamiri dk).

Work of the artist: 

A splendid composition of works describes Gerd Hiort Petersen's outlook on life and visionary approach to the use of ceramic materials, together with her close connection to the nature of Bornholm. She shows large sculptural jars and vessels, ceramic paintings on wall-mounted plates, as well as models of altarpieces and crosses for her church commissions. Her painterly decorated pieces can be seen as complex sculptural utilitarian objects, sculptures with references to function and sculptural images each with their own story. Church art is very important in Gerd Hiort Petersen's body of work. She is highly recognized for her beautiful church commissions that reflect her personal, reflective sense of space, tradition and liturgy (text: Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery).