Peccatte, Emmanual

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Emmanual Peccatte is born in 1974. In 1998 he trained in Dieulefit (FR). The universe of Emmanuel's creations are series of the bidibulle, carapace, strie jar and bottle, blou chest. One rediscovers his duos: Earth and Glass with Suzanne Philidet, Earth and Wicker with Emilie Rouillon.

"Emmanuel Peccatte is the bearer of a bold and radical vision that joyfully contrasts with the paths traced by the previous generation. Drawing his inspiration from two very distinct worlds, those of industry and nature, Emmanuel skilfully merges the raw strength of the former with the organic delicacy of the latter. His pots are powerful and voluminous works that make no concessions to either usage requirements or decorative conventions. They are works of art whose probing and restrained presence is the unconditional expression of a highly original sensibility."    Nigel Atkins.








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"Since I was a child, it has been the land. The land that we cultivate, the land that feeds us. I was far from the artistic. I studied architecture for a while. My first experience in creation was with glass. After a period of inactivity, I returned to the earth. From that moment on, I never felt like doing anything else. That spark has never left me."