Pérez, Rafa

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Rafa Perez is born in Haro, Spain in 1957. 1978-1981 Trained ceramics at the Escuela Massana de Barcelona Spain. Since 2007 he is a member of The International Academy of Ceramics. Pérez is living and working in Haro.

Visit the website of the artist: www.rafaperez.es

Pictures: Raf Pérez, portrait (source harodigital.com); Raf Pérez (source mansfieldceramics); seven objects by Raf Pérez. the first one from 2017 (source all from the website artist).


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Artist Statement

"My way of working is based on a “open eyes” and “looking first” approach. Or better, it is a sensation I try to transfer to my works. And I consider my works good when I open the kiln and, not recognizing the pieces as mine, get surprised. With this process I accumulate in my studio hundreds of tests and objects that fill floors and stairs as they wait for the moments when I will take up that technique again. Consequently, I use great number of materials in satisfying my obsession with “testing.” Generally, I work my sculptures with clays I prepare myself and fire at 1150c in a single firing. Lately I work with two clays: One of them expands and the other one (a low-fire porcelain) is inert. With these materials there is a radical difference between the works before and after firing. I try to keep a balanced relationship with the fire. Of course, the fire has to work by its own, as I do, but in the end we are a team."