Näthe, Thomas

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Thomas Naethe is born in 1954. He is trained under Gisela Schliessler in Krösselbach from 1973 till 1976 and received his masters diploma after studying at the University of Ceramic Design (Fachhochschule für Keramikgestaltung) in Höhr-Grenzhausen from 1978 till 1981. Thomas married Rita Ternes and both share a workshop since 1982. His minimalist, wheel-thrown and sometimes assembled stoneware vessels display a high degree of design and personal sense of form and have an industrial look about them. Naethe teaches at the University of Cologne.

Pictures: Thomas Näthe, portrait (source Europäische Kunstakademie Trier); Objekt I (source Keramik-Sammler.de).



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"My vessels are compositions created from convex and concave designs, which always rotate on a perpendicular axis. By changing of the individual elements, new variations of the rotational-symmetrical vessel parts are created, which in turn become vessels themselves. The base forms the counterpoint of the composition, as in music. It is sculpted and always relates to the complete vessel. In the last few years I have also created smaller vessel ensembles. The surface gives emphasis to the sculpted quality of the work. Colored rings separate and unite the individual parts simultaneously. My work is turned from stoneware clays on a potters wheel, removed from the wheel, and sometimes constructed from four pieces. Their surface designs are created using colored slips, coloring salts, with a porcelain slip, coloring oxides and a white feldspathic glaze. They are gas-fired at 12500 centigrade in a reducing atmosphere" (text: Ceramics Today).