Marionneau, Brigitte

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Brigitte Marionneau is born in 1958. Between 1983 and 1988 she studied Raku with Camille Virot. Since 1988 Brigitte Marionneau exercises as a free artist. In 1989 she set up her own studio at Parassy. In 1990 she created a workshop in Bourges in which she teaches courses of raku. Between 1999 and 2006 Brigitte teaches at public workshops (workshop Earth) in the school of Fine Arts in Bourges.

Address: Brigitte Marionneau. La Rongère 18220 Parassy. 02 48 64 36 70.   

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Pictures: Brigitte Marionneau (source La Borne); Brigitte in het workshop (source; Bol Raku rouge, from a postcard; three objects (source website artist).


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"Poetry and structure are for me the essential components in the development of a sculpture. The lines are strained and specific in a poetic agreement. They part the body of fundamental balance its dynamics and its axis. Its curves soft axentuent charm Visual and tactile surfaces polished and engraved. The body then becomes receptacle. Creating sculptures. Raku technique."

"Poésie et structure sont pour moi des composantes essentielles dans l'élaboration d'une sculpture. Les lignes sont tendues et précises dans un accord poétique. Elles inscrivent le corps dans sa dynamique et ses axe fondamentaux d'équilibre. Ses courbes douces axentuent le charme visuel et tactile des surfaces polies et gravées. Le corps devient alors réceptacle. Création de sculptures. Technique raku."