Jarlov, François

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François Jarlov is a graduate of a technical school, but 20 years ago he started studying ceramics and than became a ceramist. Exhibitions have taken him to distant lands as Germany, England, Italy, Turkey... and then also the Japan and Vietnam. He arrived in Vietnam for the first time in 1998, in order to give a course in ceramics and painting at the school of fine arts in Hanoi. "It didn't take me much time to fall in love with the light of autumn Hanoi, the incredible architecture of the old town, the charm of the Lake of the restored sword, the tasty smells of the kitchen... ", remembers the artist. Since then, he came back a dozen times (text Galerie Fabrika Gazari). Today, Francois runs two workshops. The one in Messanges, Les Landes (France). In Messanges the kiln of a third of cubic meter allows him to test new oxidative and reductive glazes. His new workshop is located in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. A high-temperature kiln does the oxidative and reductive firing at 1250-1300 °. A test kiln allows him to test different clays and decorations by using local raw materials.
A Raku outdoor kiln ensures cooking to 1000 ° and the cooling sharp is with a mixture of rice and wood bark.

Poteries Rivages Lointains, Céramique d'Art, à Messanges de Francois et Thuy Mai Jarlov.

Visit the website: www.rivageslointains.com

Also:  www.verrekusten.nl

Pictures: Portrait (source Tursan.com);  Francois with a collection celadon (source rivages lointains.com); Francois in his workshop (source verre kusten.nl); three pots (source Galerie Fabrika Gazari).







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Raku and celadons