Homoky, Nicholas

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Nicholas Homoky is born in Hungary in 1950. He emigrates to England in 1956. Nicholas Homoky attends the Bristol Polytechnic (1970-73), followed by the Royal College of Art, London (1973-76), during which time he travels to Hungary on a Royal College scholarship. He set up a studio in Cardiff in 1976, moving to a new studio in Bristol in 1979. He began teaching at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England) where he is currently Head of Ceramics.

Nicholas is an innovative potter whose work is mainly centred around the vessel, seen primarily as a visual object. This is achieved through the deconstruction of both the visual and practical elements which are re-interpreted as a visual composition. Line and form are his chief concerns, though his work is also formed through his interest in painting, sculpture, folk art and design. 'My work attempts to close the gap between the innocence of Alfred Wallis and the purity of Ben Nicholson' (source: Bircham Gallery).

Pictures: Nicholas Homoky painting a porcelain vase, around 1980 (photo in Peter Lane, Studio Porcelain 1980); giving a lecture (source Scarlet Magazine, 1998); teapot (source Cultural Modes Norfolk); vase (source MAAK London).</p>