Fritz-Lindner, Eva

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The ceramicst Eva Fritz-Lindner (1933-2017) studied her art form in Germany and Murano, Italy, and from 1955 she worked as a master designer at the Staatliche Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe. She soon began to accumulate awards including the Grand Prix in 1956, the Baden-Wurtemburg Arts Prize in 1958, and in 1962 the Silver Medal at the International Ceramics Exhibition in Prague.

Finding that she wasn’t comfortable in the limelight, since 1964 Fritz-Lindner worked freelance from her studio in Karlsruhe, Germany and went on to create and design several hundred highly regarded ceramic folk art animal sculptures and unique wall and garden works inspired by nature. Owls and family concepts were of particular specialty, envisioned with great creativity and color. During this time she started to receive commissions for larger works in public and private gardens and buildings. The artist designed important works in the field of building ceramics, with some examples being wall designs in mosaic in Mannheim, Karlsruhem Baden-Baden, Schwabisch Gmund and Goppingen. Of particular note, she created enormous scale owl sculptures for the Palace Gardens in Karlsruhe in 1967.

The form of Fritz-Lindner’s largest scale works are either unique or limited to a handful of renditions, and no matter the size she handpainted every piece she created in unique and colorful fashion. Her studio folk art works are held in European museums, public gardens, institutions, and personal collections around the world. 

The artists’ ceramics are owned and located in the Hetjens-Museum Düsseldorf, in the Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Frechen, in the Württemberg State Museum Stuttgart, in the Badenisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, in the Museum of Applied Art in Cologne and in the Museo National de Cerámica Valencia (text:

Images: Portrait Eva Fritz-Lindner (source schneible fine arts); Eva in her studio (source Majolika-Stiftung); Owl (source live auctioneers); Bird (source Lot-tissimo); Tapir (source Lot-tissimo).