Flynn, Sara

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Cork - Ireland

Sara Flynn is born in Cork, Ireland in 1971. She trained in the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork City, Ireland. Her studio is in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sara produces sculptural decorative vessels and since 2016 bronzes.

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Pictures: Sara Flynn, portrait (source goldenfleece award 2016); portrait (source Erskine, Hall, Coe); Sara with one of her works (source; black hipped vessel, photographer g. norwood (source mdesignby); Camber vessel (source European ceramics context); pinched vessel, 2009 (source MAAK London); Miami black group (source website artist).



Work of the artist: 

Sara in an interview: "Concentrating on the challenges of thrown forms which are then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, I produce sculptural decorative vessels. In essence, the major concerns that my work deals with are a love of form and volume expressed through the qualities of clay. I have an on-going relationship with porcelain and for now it is still the clay of choice for me. Of great importance is the potential of new and exciting edges, contours and shapes which can be explored through an understanding of material qualities and increasing skill. Surface quality is also critical, I research extensively to try to find the best glaze for the form or vice-versa. Having begun my career producing small-scale functional pots, as my skill has increased I have moved entirely into making one-off forms which are purely sculptural in their intent. Currently the main elements feeding the development of the work are process and finish coupled with constant exploration and a deepening understanding of form, volume and silhouette. Sympathy with my material is a major aspect feeding how I work and what I make. A crucially important aspect of my thinking and development of ideas involves experimenting and trying things out which often initially don't work. This uninhibited part of my making-cycle involves risk-taking, failure and critical understanding. I have good days and bad days. In 2016 I explored new works in bronze for my 3rd Solo Exhibition in London with Erskine Hall & Coe (text