Fabre, Christine

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Christine Fabre is born in Marseille, France in 1951. She studied communication design and graphic design at the department of fine art, Marseille University, from 1969-1974. After graduation, she came into contact with clay and learned to throw for a year at a factory in Aubagne near Marseille. She set up her own studio in Cassis in 1978 where she mainly produced household ceramics. After three years of practising she discovered a stunning Chinese ceramic piece from the 13th Century in Musée Guimet in Paris. In 1982 she received a gold medal in Vallauris. It encouraged her to stop making simple household ceramics. Since 1986 she has worked in raku.   

Adress: CHRISTINE FABRE, Sculpteur, céramiste.
France 04 75 90 34 37

See her also at: https://vimeo.com/46367308

Pictures: Christine working on a piece, ca. 2013 (source galerie Capazza); 4 Raku fired vases (source galerie Capazza).

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The Path of metamorphosis

"Now I am rediscovering the skin of the clay. No longer wishing to cover its surface with glaze, I have stripped it bare. Naked, it sends me back to a rupturing, fissuring world. Accompanied by only, perhaps, a few obstinate guardians. The presence of the animal, vegetal and human elements protect us like a shield of which we must be aware to avoid chaos. I work on the clay: "I am its plasticity, its fragility". Bronze forces me into a physical confrontation: the strength of the metal. From the beginning I have sensed an almost indestructible force. Does it perhaps come from myself?. The barely perceived path that I must still seek leads me towards new metamorphose to glass. By melting, the transformation from the organic to the mineral, the liquid to the solid, the opaque to the transparent haunt me to the point of presentiment. The dialogue between these materials, their resonance, is not a confrontation but a search for harmony: as if seemingly different worlds were suddently to realise that they all came from the same magma and that they are here to play from the same score, the opera of the world" (Christine Fabre, ca. 2014).

  • Praudel, Andoche, 'Christine Fabre, Her name is DOING', in: Neue Keramik, May 2006.