Duroselle, Xavier

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Xavier Duroselle is born on February 3, 1962. Xavier Duroselle was trained at the school of ceramic CREAR between 1982 and 1983. Between 1984 and 1997 he worked in various workshops in the south of France. In 1997 he opened his workshop in the Drôme. Here he makes his thrown and modelled porcelain in celadon or copper red (rouge de cuivre) glazes.

Xavier Duroselle, Le Village, F - 26510 SAHUNE France

Pictures: Portrait (source atelier.wa.paris); close portrait (source za.pinterest.com); Xavier in an exhibition (source Createurs-contemporains.com); lidded pot (source rubylane.com); signature; affiche/poster 2006 (source tursan.org).






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Xavier DUROSELLE early devoted himself to the profession of ceramist. It is in the middle of the 1980s... what fascinates him, transmutation: the magic of the transformation of the rocks by the fire. Under the leadership of Jean Girel, Claude Champy, Pierre Bayle, or Charles Hair, he launches into experiments covered, materials and forms. Interpreting Eastern classical influences, he quickly reached large enamel reduction excellence: copper red, thus... placed on contemporary forms. In its porcelain, it looks today bare-bones force, clash of the evidence. Its parts are shrinking so to the essential dialogue between the voltage of a shape and a covered single and sober. Poetry offered to the eye and to the touch. Silky curves to caress. His pieces in particular joined the permanent collections of the Museum Bernard Palissy, St Avit, La Piscine in Roubaix and the Ariana Museum, Geneva. Xavier DUROSELLE is one of the most prominent French ceramists.