Dufy, Raoul

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Raoul Dufy is born on June 3, 1877. He was a French Fauvism painter. He developed a colorful and decorative style, which was applied both in ceramics, textiles and decorations for public buildings. Dufy was also a renowned illustrator and designer. He did fashion and fabric patterns for Paul poire. He made frescoes for public buildings and designed tapestries and porcelain. The prints appear as illustrations in books by Guillaume Apollinaire, Stéphane Mallarmé and André Gide.

Raoul Dufy and ceramics: The collaboration of Raoul Dufy with the Spanish ceramist Llorens Artigas (1892-1980) began in 1924. The two men did understand each other very well and the ceramist appreciates the decorative fantasy and talent of the painter. Of the two hundred or so pieces that make up Dufy's ceramic work, most are the result of the collaborative work between the two artists. The entire production is characterised by vases of comparable shape and size and by a few tiles on which Dufy applies a colourful decoration. Dufy does not intervene much in the heart of the material. Only a few special pieces, such as his "apartment gardens", are not only decorated but also sculpted by him. The artist's favourite themes are shells, fish, swans and bathers, which continuously multiply around the belly of the vases. The Bathers and Swans Vase is part of Dufy's characteristic production. With great freedom of line, the artist uses in ceramics a technique that was tried and tested in his paintings from 1924 onwards, the dissociation between drawing and colour. The similarities between painting, fabric and ceramics are numerous, not only in the motifs chosen, but in the repetition of the latter. The bather, who is constantly recurring in both paintings and ceramics is often accompanied by swans and stylised shells. Begun at the turn of the 19th century, this form of collaboration between ceramists and painters came into its own around 1907-1910. Many fauvist painters, including Derain, Vlaminck, Matisse, Friesz and Van Dongen, were then working in André Metthey's studio in Asnières. Subsequently, it was not until the work of Dufy and Artigas that such a fruitful collaboration was resurrected, which would find its most successful developments in the immediate post-war period, with the creations of Picasso. Dufy passed away on March 23, 1953 and was buried near the Matisse in the Cimiez Monastery Cemetery in Cimiez, a suburb of Nice (text partly from NUMA Le Havre).

Images: Raoul Dufy, portrait (source Masterworks Fine Art Gallery); vase dated 1924, both signed by Dufy and Artigas - see last signature (source authenticite.fr); vase with blue decoration (source artnet); Vase with 'baigneuses et cygnes', 29,5 cm, 1930 (collection NUMA Le Havre); two signatures.