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Crossroads between East and West, Study of geometric tile designs from the Netherlands, publication by the Society of Friends of the Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo, the Netherlands, 2021. An exhibition of the same name at the Tile Museum runs until 20 March 2022.

A fascination with Islamic patterns led mathematician Goossen Karssenberg to design a mosaic pattern that did not yet exist. Together with his daughter Maite he traveled to the cradle of geometry, ancient Iran. Their quest has been described by Maite in the booklet Intersection Isfahan. This travel story inspired a working group of the Society of Friends of the Dutch Tile Museum in Otterlo to further investigate the history of this geometric art. The working group focused specifically on the cultural exchange surrounding Islamic patterns that came to the Netherlands from the Middle East via North Africa and southern Spain and were briefly fashionable and applied to tiles here, starting around 1550. The working group selected twenty patterns that are explained geometrically and shown in large tile panels. 

Book ISBN/EAN: 978-94-6406-734-7

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Hardcover 304  x 215 x 14 mm, 224 pages.


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