Castagna, Pino

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Pino Castagna is born in Castelgomberto, near Vicenza (Italy), in 1932. Very young he moved with his family to Verona attending school at Desenzano and completing his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona and Venice. The first working experiences are attending a workshop of restoration of paintings, frescoes and stained glass. In 1959 he opened a studio of ceramics with adjoining school, named "P.C. and N", along with Michael Noble in Garda, in the province of Varese, addressing for the first time the ceramic material and devoting himself to painting and firing ceramics designed by Noble. Manufacturing production is marked with the monograms of the two artists. In the same year, Pino Castagna began his exhibition activities participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions of art. In 1963 he presents his works at the international competition of ceramics in Faenza. In 1964 the association with Noble stops and Pino Castagna continues as ceramist working on large glazed ceramic sculptures. In 1967 he was present at the Milan Triennale d'Arte. In 1969 Castagna leaves the workshop in Garda and moves into the new studio in Costermano on Lake Garda, near Verona. Here, with the help of many talented collaborators, he realizes works in heterogeneous materials such as ceramics and cement and bronze and porcelain. In 1970 his works were exhibited in the rooms of the Venice Biennale. In these years the collaboration of the artist start with the ceramic manufactory "Richard-Ginori" and "Ginori St. Christopher" in Milan. In 1973 he participates in the international contest of ceramics in Faenza and presents some work at the Milan Triennale. In 1974 he is present at the first edition of "Review 2000" organized by the Association of Ceramists Albisola. In 1978 some of his works are featured in an exhibition in Tokyo. In the 1980s he held numerous solo exhibition in various cities of Italy including Florence, Perugia, Gualdo Tadino and Verona. In 1986 works are again presented at the Venice Biennale. In 1992 he exhibited in New York. In 1997 he participates in the exhibition "the ceramic artists" held at the Net Gallery Vespignani in Rome. Since the 1980s the artist is also dedicated to the production of blown glass. Pino Castagna lives and works in Costermano on Lake Garda. Castagna is painter, sculptor and designer. He dies in 2016 (source: