Bohle, Thomas

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Dornbirn - Austria
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Thomas Bohle is born in Dornbirn, Austria in 1958. He initially studied nursing before deciding to pursue a career in ceramics. Beginning his training in 1987, he apprenticed at a number of workshops, establishing his own studio in Germany in 1991.

Over the years his work has primarily focused on the exploration of double walled vessels and in particular, an ongoing dialogue between interior, exterior and hidden spaces. The surfaces of his stoneware forms are textured by the use of a wide palette of glazes, which he has developed over a number of years. These range from strong reds and oranges, soft greens and celadons to rich browns and blacks. Today, Thomas Bohle’s quietly confident work reveals a deep understanding of material, a mastery of craftsmanship and a disciplined approach to making. Presented in groups, his vessels have a innate relationship with each other while individually; they also make a strong statement.

Thomas Bohle lives and works in Austria, since 2014 in his workshop in Dornbirn.

He has exhibited internationally in both solo and group shows since 1993. In 2004, a study trip to Japan was followed by exhibitions in Shanghai and Tokyo. In 2006 he was awarded the Bavarian State Prize while in 2014 he received the Vorarlberg State Prize.  His work can be found in many public and private collections including Musée Ariana, Geneva; Keramik-Museum Berlin; Die Neue Sammlung, Munich and Grassi Museum Für Angewandte Kunst, Leipzig (text

Pictures: Thomas Bohle, portrait (source Le Soir Le Jour); Thomas Bohle (source website artist); Thomas Bohle in his workshop, 2014, photographer Lucas Breuer (source Kultur-online); Thomas Bohle, with a part of his halffinished stock (source website artist); double walled vessel, exhibition Jus de Céramique 2018 (Museum De Tiendschuur, Tegelen NL); double walled red vessel (source; black vessel on small foot (source MAAK London).












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"Working with clay is a sensitive process, not knowing where it will lead me I cannot help but roll with the tide. This ever-changing soft material keeps changing, reacting to each subtle movement I make, reflecting my inner mood. After firing it lures me into feeling its surface. It is an attraction that will remain with me forever."