Bennicke, Karen

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Karen Bennicke was born on October 27, 1943 in Copenhagen.
1958-61 Apprenticed in different potters studios, Denmark.
1961 Workshop in Ring, later Rettestrup and Vordingborg, DK.
1972 Marries and establishes a studio in Copenhagen with Peder Rasmussen.
1974 Studio and home moves to Bregentved near Haslev.
1980-85 Forms the group MULTI MUD with colleges Heidi Birck, Aage Birck, Lene Regius,
Gunnar Palander and Peder Rasmussen.
1993-95 Member of the Committee for Craft and Design, The Danish Art Foundation.
1994-02 Tutor at The Danish School of Design in Copenhagen.
1996-97 Tutor at The Jutland Academy of fine Arts, Århus.
2001-07 Member of the Committee for The Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation.
2001-07 Member of the Committee for Gallery Nørby, Copenhagen.
2007 Forms the group END with colleges Martin Smith, Richard Slee, Alison Britton,
Marit Tingleff, Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl and Peder Rasmussen.
Member of Billedkundtnernes Forbund, BKF.
Member of Kunstnersamfundet.

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Portrait, about 2010 (source: website artist); Karen and Kaleidoscope, 2012 (source: website artist); teapot with wooden handle, stoneware with stains, 1984 (coll. National Museum, Stockholm); Space Camp, 2004 (source: website artrist); Kaleidoscope, 2012 (source: website artist).

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'My works are spatial visions. Constructions - reminiscent of architecture - that constitute a kind of form bearing membranes between the exterior and the interior. Light and subsequently shadow, of course, are the main agents in a process of intuitive, mathematical building up of sculptures - which are operating in the field between something distinct, with rather recognizable, functional references, and something undefined, that takes place between the harmonious and the almost chaotic. I try to eliminate the distance between the logical/concrete world of form, that we know from everyday life, and the illogical, unknown and absurd' (source: website of the artist).


• Thormann, Olaf, Gefäss / Skulptur - Vessel / Sculpture; Keramik / Ceramics seit / since 1946 Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig, 2013.