Beavan, Jenny

First name: 
Country of birth: 
Great Brittain
Working period: 

Jenny Beavan is born in United Kingdom in 1950. Her education: 1969 - Foundation Course, Gloucestershire College of Art; 1970-73 - BA in Ceramics, Manchester Polytechnic, Faculty of Art & Design; 1986 - Certificate in Education, Cornwall College.

Jenny Beavan election: 1977 - Crafts Council Selected Index; 1990 - International Academy of Ceramics.; 2000-04 - External examiner BA Hons. Ceramics, University of Westminster.

Jenny Beavan as teacher: 1974-77 - Barnsley School of Art (part-time); 1977-82 - Swarthmore Education Centre, Leeds (part-time); 1979-82 - Percival Whitley College of Education, Halifax, (part-time); 1982-83 - Huddersfield Technical College, (part-time); 1983-01 - Falmouth School of Art and Design. Lecturer,F/T & P/T.

Jenny's works were exhibited in The Netherlands by Galerie Amphora. Oosterbeek and by Galerie Carla Koch Amsterdam, both in 1996. 

Pictures: Jenny Beavan, portrait (source; Jenny Beavan with wall objects in 2014 (source; vessel 'Cligga Head' (source Botterweg Auction Amsterdam, 2017); wall piece (source Cornwall design Fair).

Work of the artist: 

Texture has always been important in her work. In the asymmetrical vessels from the mid 1990s, texture and colour were added on to the surface in a gestural manner that suggested the landscape of Cornwall. In the work from the Imerys' residency, texture was integral through the incorporation of clay granules, found grasses and weeds that left their trace after firing. In her new works, texture is impressed into sheets of clay from tree bark and taken back to the studio to be transformed. This technique is the result of a search for an artistic vocabulary that removed the artist from complete control of the image.