Jabli, Salwa


Salwa Jabli is geboren in Amsterdam in 1972. Van 1994 tot 1998 bezoekt zij de Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In 1999 is zij assistente bij Bastienne Kramer. Salwa werkt sinds 2000 in Zaandam. Zij is beeldhouwer, tekenaar en keramist.


There are two prime motivators for my work. Explicit shocking events such as rape, abuse, torture, intimidation & violence are reflected, as well as current social and political issues aggravate my anger and make me feel helpless and prompt me to ask questions. These motivators form the driving force behind my work.

I start from the human being, partly personalized by victims, but also intrinsically linked to the influence of perpetrators and witnesses (audience). I want to understand the violence and the suffering and show their true nature. I want to centralize, analyze and expose the dark side of human beings - in an explicit, confrontational and artistic manner.

Simultaneously and repeatedly, as an artist I got to ask the following questions:

How and to what extend are we allowed to transform violence and suffering into an art and how can we add aesthetic value to it? What is the real value of engagement if you are creating sculptures in the safe environment of a studio? As an artist, must I distance myself from the raw emotion that the event evokes? What kind of process is it and how do I utilize it to create the strongest possible design? Inside this area of tension, I make my sculptures and drawings. I stylize, find the right lines, texture, contrasts & materials to produce a powerful, pure and as clear as possible expression of my vision about the event that caused the birth of this particular sculpture or drawing. This leads to expressive, confrontational, yet beautiful and above all independent work. It represents much more than a specific memorial or monument created for the same event.

I try to distance myself from the individual event and from the emotion which the form may cause. The work provides no unilateral judgment, but displays and questions social issues including violence and suffering.

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Portretfoto van de website van Salwa door Bart Homburg, waarvoor dank!