Viková, Jindra

First name: 
Year of birth: 
Prague - Czech Republic
Working period: 

Jindra Viková is born in Prague in 1946. 1960-1964 Instruction in ceramics at the Stredni výtvarnáskola/Vacláv Hollar art school in Prague. 1964-1970 Studied ceramics at the Academy of applied arts/UMPRUM in Prague with Otto Eckert. From 1974 own workshop in Prague.1983 Member of IAC in Geneva. Since 1991 numerous teaching assignments and stints as Artist in Resident, primarily at institutions of higher learning in the US and Australia. Designed for Porcelán Royal  Dux Bohemia in Duchov. Porcelain and terracotta sculpture; with rare exceptions of some abstract, in part geometric objects, hand-built and modelled figures, busts, heads, torsi of a surreal, allegorical nature, notable for a peculiarly impersonal, de-individualised nakedness and bleakness, slipped in matt white, occasionally with delicate touches of colour after firing; later translucent silhouette heads cut from thin porcelain slabs, occasionally echoed by wire silhouettes; also life-size wire figures and graphic works (tekst Olaf Thormann in Gefäss/Skulptur 2, Grassi Museum Leipzig).

Works by Jindra Viková and Pavel Banka were exhibited in 1996 in Galerie Groll in Naarden-Vesting (NL). Titel of the exhibition Droombeelden / Dream images.

Images: Jindra Viková, portrait (source Pinterest); portrait AIC-IAC); bust (source website artist); sculpture TALK (MAAS collection); wire object (source AIC-IAC); bust with beam, 1995 (collection Capriolus).