Scheid, Karl (DE)

First name: 
Year of birth: 
Lengfeld (Kreis Dieburg/Odenwald)
Country of birth: 
Working period: 
Year of death: 

Karl Scheid was born in Lengenfeld/Odenwald (DE) on January 17, 1929. Between 1948 and 1949 his first ceramic education was in the Merz Pottery in Stuttgart. Between 1949 and 1952, he follows a ceramic study at the Werkkunstschule Darmstadt with Friedrich Theodor Schroeder. In 1952/1953 he participates in the Crowan pottery of Harry and May Davis in Praze / Cornwall (UK). Between 1953 and 1956 he runs his own workshop in Lottstetten/South Baden together with Beate Kuhn. Since 1956 he opens his own studio in Düdelsheim, town Büdingen/Oberhessen, since 1959 then along with his wife Ursula Scheid.

Between 1963 and 1967 he delivers designs for the porcelain factory Lorenz Hutschenreuther AG in Selb and between 1965 and 1967 also for Wächtersbacher Ceramic Factory in Schlierbach. In 1968 he becomes member of the AIC in Geneva. He is also founding member of the Group of 83 (Gruppe 83). Tussen 1979 en 1992 de delivers designs for Rosenthal Studio in Selb. After 2008 he stops his ceramic work (text: Olaf Thormann). Karl Scheid passed away in Düdelsheim September 3, 2019.

Pictures: Portrait, around 1972 (from Keramische Kontrasten); portrait (photo by Sven Teschke); Vase with vertical stripes (collection Mr. J. Mulder); Vase design Karl Scheid, execution Rosenthal (Catawiki 2015); Artist stamp (collection Mr. J. Mulder); Embossed signature by Rosenthal Studio.



Work of the artist: 

Containers made of stoneware and porcelain, thrown, cut, mounted; Vases, bowls, boxes, crafted from precision and glaze technology of the highest quality in wide variety of shapes, almost always involved in the coherent unit of shape and decoration, painted, shaped, carved, cut; Since the 1990s mainly mounted square high vessel shapes, sometimes in kinked or with multiple openings, sometimes composed groups. Iron and copper reduction glazes, later geometric decors with engobes, covered with feldspar glazes (text: Olaf Thormann).

  • Kuyken-Schneider, D. U., Keramische Kontrasten, 1972. Zeitgenössische Keramik aus Deutschland (mit Arbeiten von Walter Popp, Beate Kuhn, Karl Scheid, Ursula Scheid und Lotte Reimers), 1972 (Katalog bei der Ausstellung in Museum Boymans-van Beuningen Rotterdam).
  • Jakobson, Hans-Peter, Gruppe 83, Keramik aus Deutschland, 2003.
  • Thormann, Olaf, Gefäss / Skulptur - Vessel / Sculpture; Keramik / Ceramics seit / since 1946 Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig, 2013.