Maréchal, Joost

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Joost Marcel Maria (Joost) Maréchal is born in Brugge Belgium on May 3, 1911. His father is teacher and businessman. He follows medium studies (Greek-Latin humaniora) at Sint-Lodewijkscollege in Brugge between 1923 and 1929. 1929-1930 University of Gent (geografy). 1930-1931 University of Gent (Law). 1931-1932 fourth year day- and evening lessons in painting at 'Hoger Instituut voor Kunst- en Vakonderwijs Sint-Lucasschool' in Gent. 1931-1932 studies in drawing and painting in the Higher Department of Applied Art. 1932-1934
studies in 'Monumental Painting' taught by Gustave Van de Woestyne at 'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et des Arts Décoratifs (Hoger Instituut voor Sierkunsten) Ter Kameren in Brussels. Maréchal opens his workshop at Singel 20 in Brugge (Sint-Andries) in 1934. He starts illustrating books for publisher De Bron in Brugge. 1935
first commission for four stained glass windows in the chapel of Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ten-Bunderen in Moorslede. 1937 marriage with Hilda Nathalie Josephina Welvaert. 1938-1939 starting the production of ceramics. 1939
 becomes member of the Society 'Kunst & Nijverheid in Brussels. 1944 He moves with family to Warande 53 in the rural municipality Heule near bij Kortrijk. 1946 moves with family to the eastern flemish city of Eeklo (Brugsesteenweg 77). 1949-1971 teacher ceramics at 'Hoger Instituut voor Architectuur en Sierkunsten' in Gent (Hoger Instituut Sint-Lucas Gent). 1958 five glass-concrete windows for the Vatican paviljon at the World Exhibition in Brussels. 1959 publication of the monography by Albert De Poortere. Joost Maréchal passed away in Eeklo on February 22, 1971. His children bequested archive and some art pieces to the Design Museum in Gent.

Pictures: Joost Maréchal around 1959 (taken from his monography); Maréchal in his workshop in Eeklo after 1946 (photo Design Museum Gent); vase (source Vintage Design Point); Madonna (source website artist); wall mozaic, 1955 (source De Standaard 2015); Mural 'The birdman - de Vogelman', 1955 (source website artist); Monography by Albert De Poortere, 1959; 3 various signatures.